The Ninja Show

By on July 13, 2015


I have been to some pretty weird shows in my times. But not even the sex show in Amsterdam was as weird as the Ninja show in Kyoto.

Japan is packed full of weird and tacky things and the Ninja show is no exception. For 45 minutes of my life I watched people pretend battle in front of tacky lighting effects trying to work out what was going on. Apparently this…

The secret scroll from ancient times

has been stolen by the imperial army…

Rampa, a ninja descendant and a sorcerer,

is on a journey to take the scroll back with his 2 fellow friends of the rebel force…

To be obstructed by the villainous generals of the imperial army…

Would Rampa be able to successfully retrieve his precious scroll?

The show still doesn’t make any sense. Especially the giant spider. Someone please explain the giant spider.

Maybe I am too much of a realist and don’t have  it in me to fully appreciate ‘Ninjatainment’ but the entire experience got to a point where the extreme tackiness just made it hilarious.

The entire experience is likely more appropriate for kids, or those who are young at heart. My heart is ready to settle down with 18 cats and never set food near a ‘Ninja’ establishment again.

Ninja Kyoto

Restaurant NINJA & Shabu-shabu NINJA  Restaurant and shabu-shabu
TEL: 075-253-0150
Reception hours:noon – 11pm
*Please inform us that you wish to dine at Shabu-shabu NINJA
if you wish to make your reservation at Shabu-shabu NINJA.
TEL: 075-253-0151
Reception hours: 12:00〜22:00
Restaurant with theatrical magic extravaganza
TEL: 075-253-0027
Reception hours:noon – 10pm

Website: http://ninja-kyoto.co.jp/en/



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