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Not Much in North Carolina: Crossing the Pond Part VIII

By on February 5, 2015


It’s the furniture capital of the world, with the highest brick production in the country, and the home of the largest lighthouse in the world to be moved due to erosion problems. North Carolina may be one of the most boring-sounding places in the USA. But I can’t say that I have ever stayed long enough to find out…

10150591_10152339183196273_8901119431838718110_nBut don’t give up hope on the state just yet because North Carolina isn’t just furniture and eroding lighthouses – it also happens to be the birthplace of Krispy Kremes and Pepsi, and the native home of the Venus Fly Trap.

My short visit did not involve donuts, soft drink or insect-eating-plants. It involved a small airport, a pitiful vending machine and a few curious locals.

After departing the glitz and glam of NYC’s private airport, arriving in North Carolina was a complete cultural contrast. We struggled to find signs of life in the airport, but we did eventually see some small signs of movement from the elerly couple that seemed to be running the airport.

I used the bathroom in North Carolina, I walked around the tiny airport in North Carolina and then left North Carolina. Not before admiring the bricks and furniture in North Carolina.

We did manage to get some photos with the state sign, probably the most interesting landmark in the vicinity.

Although I can appreciate the production of a nice brick, we had cocktails and beaches on our minds and we were soon bound for Miami.

I somehow feel that North Carolina may not be the state for me. The states official state beverage is milk and due to my lactose intolerance my relationship with North Carolina is like Bella and Edward from Twilight. Not natural and destined to result in physical pain.



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