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L’Oriental: Hummus, Hukkah and Happiness in Antananarivo

By on December 18, 2015

Hummus. The dip of all  dips. The highest form of the chickpea. The elixir of vegan life. Oh how I had missed hummus.

1011733_621605454526583_1534665323_nIt had been months since my favourite food had touched my lips and I was in more lust for the puree than ever before. But during a visit back to Madagascars capital, Antananarivo, I was determined to find it.

While Joost was having his final medical tests in Madagascar from our latest health crisis (typhoid was on the menu for his today), I did some intense googling.

“Hummmus Antananarivo”

“Best hummus Antananarivo”

“Hummus that will satisfy even the most dip deprived Antananarivo”

Google answered my calls: L’Oriental

According from a TripAdvisor review from a man from Israel, at L’Oriental ‘the food is tasty and portions are large , service is fast and efficient – you should try it at least once!’

1069311_613900655297063_720289149_nA man from the most hummusy region of the world said it was tasty. I was sold. (Well, and it happened to be the only Lebanese restaurant in the entire city so I didn’t really have any other options…)

We jumped in a rickety cab and were on our way to L’Oriental. Mood: hungry. Destination: hummus.

Our cab driver insisted on waiting.

“But we won’t be done until about 10…”

“Food stops at 9!!”

“But wine doesn’t!”

He still insisted on waiting.

The whole place was pleasantly surprising. L’Oriental is definitely out of Antananarivo’s CBD but it is worth the trip just for the atmosphere. The feel of the place is cosy yet fancy and the idea of a digging into a spread of hummus (and other Lebanese treats) on comfy lounges accompanied by red wine and sitting across from wonderful company was exactly what I needed. Topped off by hookah and the subtly ability to end up on the same lounge by the end of the evening…

13259_613903168630145_459967314_nI must admit I managed to take a total of zero photos at this place because everything was so ridiculously delicious that there was no time to lose. Plus Joost had never eaten hummus before so it was a big moment that needed my full support and happiness for him. It is a wonderful spot to lose your hummusginity.

I have also been told that on some days belly dancers and buffets occur. It just keeps getting better ad better…

(all the photos are taken from L’Oriental Facebook page)


Ivandry Ambodivoanjo lot II I 161Antananarivo 101, Madagascar




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