Horse Riding in the Bahamas

By on January 10, 2017

I have to be honest – there are a few places on planet earth that have failed to impress me… And the Bahamas had always been one of them.

14725706_519737794889137_1059815103894267053_nMainly due to the fact that I had only visited out of necessity back in 2014 after a visit to Cuba in order to get back into the USA and look like an innocent beach-vacationer not a law-breaking, Cuba-visiting US citizen.

I had then visited Nassau and my experience was predominantly getting caught in a crowd of cruise ship tourists by day and then wandering around a rainy ghost-town by night.

But my impressions recently changed when I visited on a cruise ship myself – this time to a cruise-ship only island known as Half Moon Cay.

14732216_519849611544622_6903506642519137669_nHalf Moon Cay is a private island owned by Holland America and is described by the company as ‘ Brimming with all manner of watersports and luxurious lounging. And all yours for the day.’

A private island brimming with things just for me?

Sounds classy.

It is basically a grown-up Disneyland.

A pristine beach island set up to cater for hungry, thirsty cruise ship passengers who want to sit somewhere comfortable and have all entertainment organised for them.

14716278_519737591555824_4859645125311019395_nIn saying that it is a perfect place to relax and I did spend the morning reading on the beautiful beach which was absolutely wonderful.

But the afternoon was the fun part – my friend Ryan had scored us a horse riding tour and after quickly purchasing the ‘compulsory closed shoes’ that I had not been away was necessary for horse riding on the beach (and I don’t think actually is) we drove to the other side of the island where the horses (and Jamaican horse keepers) hung out.

14705870_519738918222358_8063241574511450784_nWe were quickly allocated a horse, mine being a beautiful brown one, and hopped on.

We quickly got going and the Jamaican horse keepers were keen to make it fun for us and amused us with hilarious stories, loud screaming and the essential comment of ‘Yeah Man’ every now and again.

We first rode around the island, enjoying the view of the picture perfect beaches and pristine sea. But then we hit the water. The horses seemed to almost go mad as they ran up to their heads in the water – grunting and bucking us around.

Although at first I was nervous I soon realised that the horses knew what they were doing and I was having the time of my life (even if some of the horses took the opportunity to relieve their bowels as we rode behind…

I definitely have a new love for the Bahamas, the beauty of the pristine islands, and the perfect excuse to just relax and have fun.



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