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Convulsing Cardiac Rhythms: Auckland Bridge Bungee

By on February 23, 2015



There is something completely unnatural about jumping off of a 40m bridge head first. There is also something completely exhilarating about it. In this case my inner adrenalin junky won the internal argument against my native wit.

New Zealand is home to an obscene amount of extreme sports options. On this trip I didn’t make it down to the Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, so I setting for jumping of a bridge in Auckland. Because in New Zealand, if you only just jumping off a 40 metre bridge, you are like the kid who would only jump of the lowest diving board at the swimming pool.

But I was never much of a diver, so the lowest metaphorical diving board sounds like a good starting point when it comes to extreme sports.

Getting up early on a Saturday morning, I made my way down to the pier where I was picked up  and met Vassa, the most lovely Greek girl who was spending a flight-attendant stopover weekend in Auckland. She had the same idea as me – see and do as much as possible in the short time she had in the city.

AJHA501241101073Once we arrived at the base of the bridge,  we had our weight written on our hands (no secrets between daredevils, right?) we were geared up with all the essential harnessing that prevent you fro plummeting to your death after jumping of a bridge. Was I really about to jump off of a bridge!?

We then started climbing the bridge. Even though my heart was starting to alter from my standard saturday morning cardiac rhythms, I managed to appreciate the spectacular views of Auckland city.

And then it began. Remember the sneaky little number they labelled us with once we hopped of the scale? Well basically if you eat too many cheeseburgers you are going to be called to your fate sooner, because they call you in random weight order.

There were quite a few bulky guys in my group. My cardiac rhythms were out of control by the time I was called.

In a couple of swift movements by professionals that convince people to jump of bridges for a living I was ready to go. With legs strapped together I waddled to the edge of the platform, swore a lot, and jumped off a bridge on the count of three.

It was really that simple.

I was not graceful and I did not look excited, but from the comfort of my bed I can now honestly say that it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The adrenalin gave my a complete buzz for the rest of the day and for a couple of seconds I felt completely helpless but completely invincible.

Even the 10-year old who went after me seemed to enjoy it…

If you are going to Auckland, book a bridge bungee. Book it before you go and make sure it is non-refundable. Trust me, it is way easier to jump if you know you have no hope of getting your money back. Plus, you only get the t-shirt if you jump. And no one wants to leave New Zealand without a T-shirt to prove they did something blood-pumpingly terrifying.

AJ Hackett Auckland Bridge Bungee

Age: Min 10 yrs (Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an Adult)
Weight: Minimum 35kgs and Maximum 150kgs,  All Bungy Jumpers must also be at least 120cm in height to fit the harness correctly.
Self-drive: Please allow 1.5 hours for the whole experience
Transportation from Viaduct: Allow 2 hours for the whole experience
Clothing requirements: Covered footwear must be worn.

All prices include Bungy Jump, Certificate and Authentic Bungy Jumper T-shirt.

Adult: $160
Child: $130
NZ Student*: 
Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): 
Spectator: $20

* Must show a valid NZ Student ID at check in.

105 Curran Street, Westhaven Reserve in Herne Bay. 

PO Box 106 388



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