The Coldest Hottest 100 Day (Australia Day Snowed In)

By on January 28, 2015


The 26th of January. The day that Australians traditionally celebrate the hottest 100 tracks from the year before. Also known as The Hottest 100 Day, or, Australia Day,  (or sometimes, Invasion Day).

But whether you spend the day wearing tacky Australian-flag-themed clothing drinking copious amounts of alcohol while listening to Triple J’s democratic countdown, or if you sit at home listening to Taylor Swift on repeat devotedly – Australia day is like Christmas on steroids. (If Jesus had been born a month later and added an extra verse to the Bible to include a national piss up every year in the Southern Hemisphere).

Regardless of whether or not it is politically correct that Australia has decided to celebrate our island home’s National Day on the anniversary that represents deep loss for those who called this country home long before British convicts, Australia does have a lot to celebrate as a nation. No matter where I am in the world I am always sure to use the 26th of January to have a drink (or six).

1554559_10152154903896273_1968673880_nLast year I spent Australia Day in Bucharest (at my favourite hostel, Cozyness). In the midst of a blizzard. But no blizzard was going to get in the way of our mini Australia Day celebration, even if there were only seven of us who understood the importance of streaming triple J and loyally drinking. It would be unpatriotic not to. (Sorry Taylor)

We battled the snow and stocked up on supplies. There would be no pavlova this year, or Milo, or TimTams,  or pizza shapes, and don’t even mention the lack of vegemite n Romania… But we had strength (and many 2.5L bottles of beer) and what else do you need to really be a happy little vegemite? (besides fermented yeast)

Now those who know me probably know that I don’t bake. Ever. I am the kind of girl who enters into the kitchen with intentions of cupcakes and exits with sugar-stained disappointment. So the fact that I spend hours of my life day making ANZAC cookies must give you a good impression of my devotion to my country… Right?

But cookies wasn’t enough. In true Australia Day spirit I was determined to have a BBQ. What is Australia day without throwing some shrimp on the barbie?

This is where having a Canadian friend comes in handy. As long as I live I will always appreciate the extreme efforts that Naz (with the help of my fellow Aussie Scott) went to in attempt to start a -20 degree BBQ…

I would love to lie and say it was a success but thank God for conventional 21st century kitchens, right?

We cracked open the 2.5L beer bottles (and the Jacobs Creek that I had treated myself to), we feasted, we counted down and we even played Kings cup. There was beer, there was music and there was fun (and there was no Taylor Swift). Even those who couldn’t understand our change of subject once asking what our national was all about seemed to have a good time.

So put it in your diary, because the 26th of January is a drink not to be missed.



January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015



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