Beautiful Bartenders and Bike Riding in Bucharest

By on July 16, 2015


We had arrived in Bucharest (not Budapest) in late September. With cold wind in our hair, giant backpacks on our backs and sickness in our bodies we were ready to party for bed. Unfortunately we were staying at party hostel with a crazy roommate so we powered through the evening with the emotional support of vodka and colourful cocktails.

603572_10151933814161273_1560824071_nThe minute I had walked into the bar I set eyes on the most beautiful bartender. My evening was then dedicated to drinking at an excessive rate to have the excuse to speak to him again, while playing giant drinking jenga of course. But the beautiful bartender was ignoring me and the alcohol wasn’t helping with the sickness. I later discovered that the beautiful bartender was a pharmacist, if I had known that at the time I would have faked a dramatic fall so he could give me medical advice… Or mouth to mouth*….

But instead, I went to bed.

The next day, my sickly companion Charlotte and I decided to make the most of the sunny autumn weather, while our other two travelling friends slept off their hangovers.

We decided to join a walking tour. We waiting at the meeting point in the citys square. And waited. Did we have the wrong day? The wrong square? Probably.

We wandered aimlessly for a while before deciding to visit the giant ‘Parcul Herăstrău’ or ‘Herastrau Park’ that dominated the map. It did look very lush in 2D so we had high expectations. We were not disappointed. As far as capital cities go, Bucharest has an abundance of parks spotted across the city. Each filled with free bike hire, boat hire and an abundance of snack stalls and other small amusements. Bucharest has perfected park culture.

IMG_0836We spent the day riding our illnesses away, with a stop on the lake for lunch. It seemed that all of the Romanians had similar ideas for such a beautiful autumn day and the park was absolutely buzzing with picnicking friends and relaxing families.

During a time of rejection and sickly-dejection a day in the park lifted our spirits and left us with fond feelings for Bucharest and its beautiful bartenders bike rides.

*I eventually did get some mouth to mouth from the beautiful bartender, we even picnicked in the park together… Well, we drank wine and got in trouble with the police – but that still counts, right?

Herastrau Park: B-dul AviatorilorBucharestRomania

Metro stop: Aviatorilor



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