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Annihilated on the Nile: Booze Cruising in Jinja

By on August 27, 2015


Open bars are like open relationships. Someone’s internal organs are going to get hurt. And even though our hearts were not broken, some livers were certainly damaged.

Jinja, Uganda, is a drinking city with a rafting problem…

As with most adventure capitals, everyone always needs a drink (or 7) to survive the pressure of extreme sports. Unfortunately our group forgot that unlike adventure sports, the effects of drinking last longer than the adrenalin, and in a very short amount of time, half of the group were grade 5 drunk.

The open-bar, sunset booze cruise seemed innocent enough: sunset and snacks, all washed down with some local brew.. But things escalated extremely quickly…

The gin and vodka disappeared quicker than a tourist near a crocodile in the Nile, and drinking games turned into regrets and cold showers.

Lucky for me I was too preoccupied with the excitement of hummus and guacamole to behave like the 21-year-old Australian-abroad stereotype. With a stomach full of chickpeas and happiness the alcohol went down nicely…

I can’t say the same for my empty-stomach binging friends…

By 9pm half of our booze-cruising team had been put to bed. I will not reveal how much guacamole and hummus went undigested and how many tears were shed, but it was safe to say that we would be hearing a few ‘I am never drinking again’ pacts in the morning.

And just like open relationships, the group realised the meaning of ‘too much of a good thing’…



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