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Sometimes being meat-free in a carnivore’s world can be tough. Especially when sheep liver, heart and lungs are on the menu…

1238136_10152101652946273_281839954_nI am completely kidding. Being able to pass on freakish Scottish cuisine has to be one of the complete highlights of my meatless lifestyle. (But just for the record, I did have a Scottish kid in my class in 3rd grade. And on bring-in-an-international-dish day I did vomit).

But in the 21st century Vegetarianism is spreading like the plague, and even viking descendants are being forced to cater for us sensitive veggo souls.

So lo and behold, ‘Vegan Haggis’, a liverless, lungless and , of course, heartless dish, designed to make herbivores feel like they have a place on this planet. (Which we totally do and you should definitely try it some time).

Henderson’s is a vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh that gives vegetarians a place in Scotland to do vegetarian things, like eating goji berries and planning world domination. It is also the home of Vegan Haggis. Made with lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms and spices, served with ‘neeps and tatties’, Vegan Haggis is absolutely delicious.

If you want to stay far away from anything that even remotely reminds you of the textures of sheep-insides, Henderson’s have much more on the menu apart from Vegan Haggis. Vegetarian curries, burgers and risottos are all on the menu, along with a wide range of sweets for those cold Scottish days (AKA every day).

If you are after the most heartless haggis in Scotland, do not miss a visit to Henderson’s.


94 Hanover Street 

0131 225 2605




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