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Traveling with FlixBus in Europe

By on November 16, 2016

I recently paid 16 euros to catch a bus from The Hague to Paris with Flixbus.

It was cheap… Almost too cheap. But my experience was great and I thought I would share my short review for anyone considering saving a few lot of bucks on transportation within Europe. Because let’s be honest flights are cheap but getting to and from the airport can be a complete hassle and unless you plan pretty far in advance train tickets generally cost a small fortune.

First of all the bus was big. It was double -decker and the seats were spacious. I was lucky and boarded at the first stop so had the chance to get a top level centre seat with a full view ahead.

Unfortunately I was later joined in the front row buy a strange young man who used audio google translate to try and flirt with me making award full-volume google translate mistakes featuring gun instead of friend which made the entire bus go silent. But bus travel is designed for strange human encounters – right?

Secondly the bus had wifi. Yep – my 16 euro bus ticket included complimentary wifi. Not bad.

Thirdly the amount of stops were pretty minimal so not much time was wasted loading and unloading.

The bus did take a while and came into Paris over an hour late but for the great prices FlixBus offer I would highly recommend their services to any traveller trying to save a few bucks and with time to spare.

Check out the Flixbus Website to see their incredible European bus network.



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