Tomorrowland. AKA The Happiest Place in the World

By on February 9, 2015


What do you get when you mix the world’s best DJ’s, an international crowd and a touch of synthetic happiness?

The happiest place in the world.

Remember the person who said Disneyland was the happiest place in the world? They lied. They may have been trying to protect you from your own happiness, but they lied. If you do decide to spend precious moments of your life at Tomorrowland, prepare for the rest of your life to seem mediocre. Because no amount of boat trips on ‘It’s a Small World’ will ever compare. Sorry Micky.

A last minute moment of spontaneity resulted in two tickets to Boom, Belgium. A place that probably only appears on google maps for the annual gathering of global partiers.

10603357_10152313600535954_2696132658459237403_nIt was early in the day and after finally making our way to the small Belgium town, Lulu and I had spent the morning laughing at Australians, exploring the stages, and laughing at more Australians. Until we ran into some Australians who didn’t make me laugh (well, not at first)…

Running into people abroad is always a ‘small world’, ‘omg weird’, ‘let’s get a photo’, ‘haha I will probably not speak to you for another year but this is fun’, moment. But running into one of your best friends in a crowed of 400,000, on the other side of the world is a ‘Is this real? How much have I had to drink!?’ moment. (And in this case it wasn’t a speak to you in a year experience, it was more of a “I’m going to follow you around the world because I think I may perhaps be in love with you” experience – but that’s a completely different story).

But even if you don’t run into the love of your life, Tomorrowland is still going to be the happiest place in the world.

What’s the grossest thing about music festivals? (Besides the dirty deeds that take place in the portapotties). The sweat. All electro music festivals are basically sweaty crowds of people, grinding against each other in heated passion for the current DJ that is playing the epic soundtrack of their lives. But Tomorrowland takes control of the sweat with refreshing stations scattered across the grounds.

Yes. Refreshing stations. They hire people to professionally spray deodorant on the armpits of even the sweatiest members of the crowd. Lulu tried to spray herself but the refresh station worker insisted that it was her job to de-smell even the smelliest of pits

And then it rained. And rain has never felt so good.

I must admit it isn’t the most fragrant festival and the rain kind of made the crowd smell like wet dog combined with “did you have beans for lunch!?” odours.

I don’t know how many hours we danced for, but the Tomorrowland crowd is intoxicatingly euphoric, and dancing to some of the top DJs in the world – including Steve Aoki and David Guetta, makes your next night out guaranteed to include drunken nostalgia. Even if you are the the most arrogant festival goer, really just there for the topless photo to show off your latest shred on Facebook, you may actually find yourself having a good time and not just having hallucinations of cheese burgers all day.

But all good things must come to an end. And even the happiest place in the world has opening hours. But stay perfect Disneyland Tomorrowland.

Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery…

(PS if you missed out on tickets this year try Viagogo)

(PPS Thank you Karlea and Luke for supporting Tom and I on your shoulders for extended amounts of time…)



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