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A Small Bite of the Big Apple: Crossing the Pond Part VII

By on December 9, 2014

After a 3-hour slumber and an early checkout, we arrived as free citizens back in my favourite airport. With our captors obviously clocked off for the night, we were greeted by an empty waiting room and a cheery receptionist. A hospitality unknown to the border security patrol of the preceding nightshift.

Half expecting another dose of interrogation and tampon inpection I was almost surprised when we were allowed to walk out onto the tarmac and be reunited with ECJMX. 10169412_10152338591926273_4967367849993368417_n

We drowsily made it to the big apple. We admired the view of New York City under a thick cover of clouds as we descended to Teterboro Private Airport. We had spent a lot of time in private airports now but Sean had advised me that none were quite as impressive as Teterboro.

After landing I quickly headed straight for the little ladies room, (8-seater jets aren’t often equipped with those little luxuries). In a more relieved state, I was able to admire the finer luxuries of the airport.

The restroom greeted me with complimentary fragrances, sewing kits and sanitary items. I stowed a supply of goodies away for future use, which was very useful considering the contamination of my tampons in Maine…

I explored the oldest airport in NY (fact) with complete amazement. Everything from small rooms to catnap in, to cinemas and gyms could be found. Important business men scattered the building reading financial newspapers or typing importantly on their latest apple product while I experimented with the extensive flavours available on the coffee machine.

I then had the chance to meet the genuine New Yorkers who would join us on our final two legs of the journey. Bearing fabulous accents, sassy attitudes and NY bagels, I loved them already and they created the Sex in The City-esque, New York-classy aura to our final journeys.

Popping bottles of champagne to wash down the taste of NY in the form of bagels we departed the big apple, to an appropriately fancy playlist dominated by the only Aussie with enough attitude to be become the anthem of a private flight from NY. Iggy was voice of a very fancy flight heading for a not-so fancy destination…



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