I Had Never Been to a Wedding, Until I Went to an Indian Wedding. In Sweden.

By on March 5, 2015


My memories of my time in Sweden include ikea-like innovative designs, beautiful blondes wherever I turned and a wedding ceremony. But not your typical blonde Swedish wedding. An Indian wedding.

From the minute I disembarked the train in Stockholm, my lovely friend Natasha and her family adopted me for the week. Her family spoilt me with their warmth and made me feel like part of the family.

1235002_10151858740801273_547884493_nAs a part-time member of the family I was invited along to a family-friends wedding.

Attending an Indian wedding is not listed on Tripadviser’s ‘Top Things to Do in Stockholm’, but it should be. Because a day and night filled with incredible-colourful outfits, amazing Indian cuisine and Bollywood-sounding tunes is a time you should never miss.

Not only was I invited to attend the wedding, Natasha and I were given the role of setting up the ceremonial decor. Yes, I had never been to a wedding before in my life, let alone an Indian wedding, and I was getting asked to help make it look wedding-appropriate.

We stopped by the florist and filled the car with a rainbow of flowers and then headed to the venue, where a staple gun and a motivationally short time frame went a long way. With extremely limited time and great enthusiasm we managed to make a plain wooden structure look kind of beautiful.

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. Bright colours and pakoras filled the wedding-less hole in my heart and everyone made an effort to speak some english within the Swedish and Indian conversations.

The reception was even more fun, the Bollywood tunes were blasting and the traditional Indian cuisine was incredible.

I had held of the equally as delicious incredible-looking beverages so far into the night, so Natasha’a dad decided that I would be the designated driver. Yep, the Australian left-side driver who hadn’t sat behind a steeping wheel in six months.

After an amazing night of incredible music, colours and company we somehow survived the drowsy drive home (with a helping extra hand on the steering wheel whenever I found my auto-I-must-drive-on-the-left-side-pilot take over). It was the scary end of an amazing night.

Sweden, along with the rest of Scandinavia is ultra-modern and elegantly simplistic. Getting the chance to step away from the edgy dark tones and slip into a Sari was one of the highlights of my time in the Country, and I cannot thank Natasha and her family enough for giving me that opportunity (even if it ended up being the ultimate test of my road-skills).



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