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Madagascar Underground Hostel: Home in Antananarivo

By on July 21, 2016

I have to be honest. I do not like Antananarivo very much. As far as capital cities go it sits close to rock bottom on my list. It is 12063693_440126636171859_1843160165220848299_ndirty, crowded and boring. It definitely has corners of interest but they are few and far between. If you are visiting Madagascar and want to take my advice – use it as a gateway to the rest of the country but do not waste too much time trying to discover this city.
But even my least favourite cities definitely have highlights and in this care Madagascar Underground Hostel adds a lot of cheer and homeliness to an otherwise sad city.

Before I started my time volunteering in Madagascar I was recommended to make base at Madagascar Underground Hostel. This was probably some of the best travel advice I was given in Madagascar.

In a country where backpackers are still a rarity Madagascar Underground Hostel is a hub of travellers and interesting 12112499_441728729344983_1996621216050751095_nexpats. Gathered in a funky Mexican style space where unexpected encounters become normality…

It is the perfect place to exchange travel stories and advice, do shots, sit back in a hammock and escape Tana’s craziness, sip on a margarita and munch on some nachos, make friends and find travel companions…

If you are as lucky as me you might just meet a Dutch man in funky pants who will end up being your partner in Madagascan crime for 5 weeks and somehow make you move across the world and call Holland home… 

Anything is possible at Madagascar Underground Hostel. Trust me.

DSCN0434Directly quoted from the hostel website:

Whether you need a place to drop your bags for a few hours, just to take a shower before your flight or bus trip, to surf the internet or relax before starting a long journey for a night or even longer, enjoy a Mexican meal or meet with friends – Madagascar Underground is the place.

It is rare to find a hostel where it’s not weird to just pop by to hang out – whether you are a guest or not. The casual welcoming vibe of the hostel definitely makes it one of my favourites in the world. And trust me – I have stayed at many hostels.
And one of the absolute best things about the hostel is the staff. Owned by French-Australian duo Christine and Ryan – themselves and the rest of the staff are beyond helpful and go out of their way to give awesome advice, help with travel planning and whatever else they can do to make your time in Tana more
IMG_1849comfortable and convenient. For a country that does not excel in service it is an absolute haven.

I spent many nights in Madagascar Underground Hostel. The girls dorm become my second home, the private rooms became my occasional luxury treats and one night the staff even set up a tent out the back for me for my own little private camping night (accompanied by a new found favourite travel companion).Madagascar Underground Hostel

Address: 18 Lalana Rainitovo, Antsahavola,  Antananarivo, 101

Phone: (+261) 34 29 909 07

Website: http://madagascarunderground.com




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