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La Belle Aventure: Lovely Lodging in Diego Suarez

By on November 13, 2015

Finding a good hotel is like finding a good lover. You always look forward to snuggling up in bed and and you don’t have to worry about bugs under the covers…

After experiencing a few of Madagascar’s more ‘budget-friendly’ hotels that felt like the building version of a dirty one night stand (bugs and all) checking into the nice hotels was always sensational. La Belle Aventure in the northern city of Diego Suarez was no exception.

The owners of La Belle Aventure were completely lovely. The French-Malagsy couple of La Belle Adventure never hesitated to make us feel welcome and at home, sharing an abundance of information, answering our (many) questions about the area, arranging car hire for us and even offering to take us to the immigration office when we needed to make a visit.

Other than the wonderful staff, La Belle Aventure itself is lovely with beautiful clean and spacious rooms at really wonderful prices right in the centre of town. The restaurant also looks great and serves European and Malagasy specialties (we only tried the breakfast).

La Belle Aventure

Phone : +261 32 44 153 83
+261 20 82 919 18
Adress :
13 Rue Freppel 201 Diego-Suarez
E-mail: :
No. of Rooms PRICE Ariary PRICE Euros
RDC ROOM 1à 4 60 000 Ar 18 €
FLOOR ROOM 5 et 6 100 000 Ar 30 €
ROOM 7, 8, 9 et 10 80 000 Ar 24 €

6 €



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