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Goodbye Porto

By on August 17, 2015


I hate goodbyes. But after 10 wonderful days it is time to say goodbye to beautiful Porto, but I am saying goodbye to more than just a city…

I am saying goodbye to the freshest orange juice I have ever tasted, to the most beautiful rooftops I have ever admired and to the majestic riverside where he only natural thing to do is order a drink and admire the sunset…

IMG_1560I am saying goodbye to the kind people I have met, to the charming alleyways congested with artists and their work and to some of the most beautiful parks I have ever lost myself in…
And I am saying goodbye to a friend.

A friend who took me into his home and showed me the city I had always a heard about, a friend who I once shared a crazy part of my life with, a friend who looked after me and made me laugh when I need to, a friend who is much more than just a friend.

There is only one thing more wonderful than finding someone on a corner of the planet, other than your own, who fills an important role in a time of your life. That is, realising that a year and a half later you can still step into each others lives as if you said goodbye yesterday.

Goodbye Porto, goodbye orange juice, goodbye riverside…

And goodbye friend (for now)



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