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Feasting at Maximilians in the Adelaide Hills

By on May 25, 2016

It seemed like only a few weeks ago I was telling a friend how I had never had a degustation meal. And then I went to Maximilians.

Known as a ‘tasting’ menu this degustation menu had us rolling out of the door. In the best possible food-coma rolling exit I have ever been apart of.

First of all, the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. It was a dreary cold day but with sweeping views of the surrounding vineyards ,we entered into the cozy atmosphere of log fires and mouth-watering scents where we were immediately offered some wine tastings. After a morning of beer tasting at Prancing Pony we had one thing on our mind. food.

We ordered some sparkling wine and got comfortable… It was going to be a very long IMG_7023lunch…

First there was bread… Really, really good bread. Then there was salad, then there was soup, and then cauliflower balls, and then incredible gourmet baked potatoes… And there was definitely more (I had drunk a few glasses of wine by this point). But I do remember that dessert. That coconut sorbet won’t be forgotten anytime soon…

And that was just the vegetarian option… You should have seen the carnivores.

It was all completely divine and we rolled out very very satisfied… And maybe a bit tipsy considering I fell out of the mini-van on the way home.

IMG_7028Other than a glorious feast there was one other reason why we had chosen Maximilians for our day out… A round of gold on the floating pontoon of course…

We asked how much the prize was for a whole-in-one.

The first waitress said $2000

The second waitress said $1000

By the time we were ready to have a hit it was down to $500 – maybe we looked more alert than we felt..?

We one one cider. Not quite the $2000 jackpot but better than a sap on the face with a sharp stick.


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Wednesday: Lunch

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Sunday: Lunch


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