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Eating in the Indian Ocean: The Rock

By on September 7, 2015


Dinner on a rock in the Indian Ocean? Can’t say no to that.

If you google ‘The Rock’ the first thing you are going to see is photos of a large well-known American Actor… If you google ‘The Rock, Zanzibar’ you will see photos of one of the most magnificent restaurants in the world… And let’s be honest – most girls would chose a great restaurant over a bulky man….

IMG_1738The Rock is very appropriately named. It really is just a rock in the middle of the ocean. A really, really picturesque rock. One look will lead you to understand that no pencil nor brush could draw such a magnificent scene – this is the crossroad between mother nature and unique architecture.

The Rock Restaurant rises on a rock not distant from the shore of the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach and eating at The Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss: colours, relish and sensations blend together in unique magic.

It is the perfect place to try the local seafood that is caught literally underneath the establishment. And the whole vegan thing? If you explain it to them they actually kind of get it, and you will be served some vegetables cooked to perfection. With a Mojito on the side…

During low tide The Rock can be reached on foot, but at high tide diners need to be transported back to the mainland by boat. We were lucky enough to have a reservation for dinner at high tide… With a sunset on the side.

Easily accesible by a smooth-flowing route, the Rock is located south east of the island, on the Michamwi Pingwe peninsula. A 10 minutes car drive from Page , an hour from Stone Town and 1 hour and a half from the north tip of the island.

For Information  Please Call: 

+255 776591360, Michamvi Pingue 

For Booking:



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