A Delightful Day in Dijon

By on May 24, 2017

After a wild few months around the globe I had landed back in Europe. From Delhi to Paris I was thrown back into the western world and all the luxuries that came with it.

18519689_611377712391811_8437192961692718018_nFrom squat toilets to luxurious bathtubs it felt good to be back but I had to resist the temptation to lock myself away in a nice Parisian apartment and get back out exploring.

I decided to head to Dijon – a city better known for mustard than as the capital of Burgundy.

Unfortunately I could not find any hostels to stay in and desperate to not be tucked away in a lonely hotel room I sent out a last minute couch surfing request where I was kindly offered a couch by a young student.

I arrived in the evening after a long bus journey from Paris and met up with my lovely host, Tamzin, at the tram station near her home.

Soon I was hanging out on her balcony with her and her lovely housemate enjoying the silent Sunday evening that was the most peaceful experience I had been able to enjoy in months.

As we enjoyed the warm evening watching the occasional vehicle pass by it seemed almost impossible that mere days ago I was fighting my way through Delhi crowds.

18556155_611371819059067_1430357146286026_nWe had a relaxing evening before heading to bed and I awoke refreshed and ready to explore the city.

Although I had done minimal research on the city and had basically chosen to visit because of one pretty Instagram photo I recalled seeing a few months back I did not expect to be so impressed with Dijon.

The city is absolutely packed with elegant medieval and Renaissance buildings and it seems to be designed for strolling – my absolute favourite travelling pastime.

I spent the day window-shopping, coffee-sipping, people watching and admiring the magnificent half-timber houses… And tasting a lot of mustard, of course.

The highlight of my lazy day in Dijon would have to be climbing to the top of the city’s tower. For a mere euro I was able to get the best view of the endless rows of beautiful red-roofed houses and grand cathedrals and churches peeking out between them.

The city of Dijon has a small French town feel to it and was the perfect day trip for a tired tourist easing her way back into the western world.




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