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Madagascar Wining and Dining

L’Oriental: Hummus, Hukkah and Happiness in Antananarivo

By on December 18, 2015

Hummus. The dip of all  dips. The highest form of the chickpea. The elixir of vegan life. Oh how I had missed hummus.

It had been months since my favourite food had touched my lips and I was in more lust for the puree than ever before. But during a visit…



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Madagascar Sleeping Wining and Dining

Hotel Mimi: Scrumptious Spreads and Beds in Sambava

By on December 16, 2015

During a week of being stranded in Sambava, we really got to know the capital of the Vanilla Coast – and the few major hotels and restaurants in the city…

Mimi Hotel was no exception.

I remember when we first walked into Mimi Hotel, young and naive, to meet up with someone…



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South Australia Wining and Dining

The Freshest Lunch Spot in Adelaide: Juice Lovers Juicery

By on December 9, 2015

As I am currently spending a couple of months in my wonderful hometown known to the world as RADelaide (or maybe just little ol’ Adelaide…), I thought I should take some time to throw out some recommendations in this city that just seems to get cooler and cooler each…

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