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Cruising to the End of the World: The Cockburn Channel, Beagle Channel and Glacier Alley

By on May 10, 2016

Mum and I were on our way to the end of the world… Well at least the most southern tip of land on the planet… On a luxury cruise ship. But it was still pretty darn exciting.

The end of the world – also known as Ushuaia (or perhaps Punta…



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Kangaroo Continent Hopping: From Sydney to Santiago with QANTAS

By on March 31, 2016

The QANTAS kangaroo is up there with the most prestigious airline logos, alongside America’s eagle and Canada’s maple leaf, seeing our country’s red kangaroo 747 parked at a gangway in major cities across the globe always fills me with a sense of national pride… As I walk straight past…



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The Start of a Journey to the Final Two Continents

By on March 31, 2016

I have seen the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, I have watched elephants cross the Serengeti, I have snorkelled through the Great Barrier Reef, I have lost money in Las Vegas and I have had numerous generic snaps in front of the Eiffel tower. I have seen magnificent things from…

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