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Canada Crossing the Pond Stories from the Sky

Poutine and Popsicles: Crossing the Pond Part V

By on August 7, 2014

After hours of blue and white, suddenly there was green…

If you are ever in iceland, I can assure you, you will here this joke:

What do you do if you get lost in an icelandic forest?

…Stand up.

I didn’t really find it that funny the first time, or the fifteenth… But…


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Canada Wining and Dining

Poutine: The Dish That Makes Me Question Canadian Taste Buds

By on July 8, 2014


I remember once listening to a  group of Canadian tourists complaining about eating fries abroad. ‘All I want is gravy and cheese curds’ one wishfully sighed as she tried to navigate the salt and ketchup over her naked serving of fries. I must have given her a strange look because she…


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Canada Crossing the Pond Greenland Iceland Stories from the Sky USA

Echo Charlie Juliett Mike Xray: Crossing the Pond Part II

By on June 1, 2014

These days, crossing the Atlantic Ocean is not a big deal. We don’t need to book tickets on a Titanic-like ship while crossing our fingers that a stray chunk of ice won’t leave us floating helplessly as we watch Leonardo DiCaprio freeze to death. These days it’s much simpler: we book a ticket with…

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