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Traveling with FlixBus in Europe

By on November 16, 2016

I recently paid 16 euros to catch a bus from The Hague to Paris with Flixbus.

It was cheap… Almost too cheap. But my experience was great and I thought I would share my short review for anyone considering saving a few lot of bucks on transportation within Europe. Because…



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Being Big Kids at Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum

By on November 14, 2016

Due to working at one of Amsterdam’s nicest hotels I get some pretty cool perks. And free entry to The NEMO Science Museum is one of them.

Talk about the perfect excuse to be a big kid for the day…

It is no secret that the NEMO Science Museum is for…

IMG_1036 (1)


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The Top of Holland: Climbing Utrecht’s Dom Tower

By on August 24, 2016

I have been living in the beautiful city of Utrecht for almost three months now and I finally got around to climbing the tallest church tower in the country which sits in the middle of the City: Utrecht’s Dom Tower.

It was actually a complete accidental touristy afternoon. I was…

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