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Antarctica Spectacular Scenery

A Bittersweet Last Landing in Antartica

By on August 21, 2016

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately my expedition in Antartica was one of those good things.

IMG_6637We had spent a phenomenal week exploring the rugged cold content and I was more than happy to spend my last afternoon in the ice graveyard of Planeau Bay.

Antartica has a limited colour palate but features every shade of blue and white. I made myself comfortable on the shores of this final landing spot and admired the masterpiece that is Antartica for the final time.

I watched the seals at play, I watched the ice peacefully float through the scene and I watched the young penguins chase their mothers for food and cautiously investigate my boots.

IMG_6703I made sure I was alone to completely embrace this last moment in a part of the world that had completely stolen my heart.

There was sun but I had discovered that the sunnier days in Antartica could be the coldest. And I shivered on shore thinking about the explorers that had braved much harsher conditions in much darker Antarctic seasons.

I was devastated to be having to say goodbye to Antartica and I could only hope that the wonder of the continent would always stay with me in more monotonous times.of my life.

How lucky I was to be admiring ice, penguins and seals through eyes that had become to adapted to iPhone screens and ascetic overdoses.

How lucky I was to be living a life full of wonder, adventure and awe and meeting such wonderful people along the way.

How lucky I was to be alive.

(I write this months later than the day itself but every feeling and memory seems as crystal clear as I put these memories into words.)



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